Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I swim with Eyelash Extensions?

Most people will be able to swim and enjoy water activities.  Swimming can shorten the life of the extensions for some people but everyone is different. The adhesives are waterproof but the hair shafts absorb water which may loosen the adhesive bond. As with all skin, hair, makeup or body products, everyone can react differently to the same product.

How can I make eyelash extensions last longer?

Your technician will review aftercare instructions with you and suggest products that will help maintain your new eyelashes. Constantly rubbing your eyes or cleaning them vigorously will certainly decrease their longevity. Do not use any oil containing cleansers or waterproof mascara.

How long do the Eyelash Extensions last?

Eyelash extensions are an ongoing service. They must be refilled every 2 to 4 weeks depending on many factors including your lifestyle, skin type, etc.

How long does it take to apply a full set of Eyelash Extensions?

A full application will take between 1 to 2 hours depending on your technician’s skill level and experience. This is a very tedious, time-consuming procedure when done properly. The results are definitely worth it.

How many Eyelash Extensions are applied on each eye?

Generally you will receive 30-60 or more extensions per eye depending on the number of natural lashes you have to attach to. The result is long, beautiful, and natural looking extensions.

What are Eyelash Extensions?

Synthetic Eyelash Extensions that are attached to each of your individual eyelashes, one at a time with a special bonding adhesive.  They are natural looking and undetectable to you or anyone else. They will add length, thickness, and fullness that can’t be achieved with traditional mascara or makeup.

What are the top reasons I should invest in semi-permanent eyelashes?

1. Prevents the need for mascara and other messy eye makeup

2. Enhances the eyes making you look even more beautiful

3. You can swim and workout with them

4. No need for an eyelash curler

5. Does not damage the natural lash

6. Look and feel natural

7. Makes natural eyelashes look thicker, fuller and more dramatic

What do I need to do to prepare for my first eyelash appointment?

Please set aside at least two hours for your full set lash appointment and at least one hour and 15 minutes for your re-lash appointments. Also, please do not wear any eye makeup to your appointment, especially eyeliner and mascara. We recommend removing contact lenses prior to your appointment.

Will Eyelash Extensions make my own eyelashes fall out?

Not if the eyelash extensions are applied correctly, but remember your natural lashes do shed every 30-120 days (according to proven studies).  The technicians are trained in properly applying and removing eyelash extensions.